Pre-Deposit Plan (Preferred Strategy)

Ended on the 30 November 2022
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8 Next Steps

8.1 Following the consultation and stakeholder engagement on the Preferred Strategy, the Council will finalise the 2RLDP and place it on Deposit. Feedback from the Preferred Strategy consultation will be detailed in the Consultation Report on the Strategy. This report must accompany the 2RLDP ISA Report and the other supporting documents on Deposit, in accordance with Regulation 17 of the LDP Regulations. This Consultation Report and the Preferred Strategy with any necessary amendments will be reported to Council by the end of 2022 to seek approval of the Preferred Strategy. The Deposit Plan will then be prepared and considered by Council prior to a statutory six-week consultation and engagement period in Summer 2023.

8.2 Pursuant to Regulation 22 of the LDP Regulations, the Deposit Plan will then be submitted to the Welsh Government who will appoint an independent Inspector to examine the 2RLDP. Having regard to the evidence and representations received during the Deposit consultation, the Inspector must determine whether the 2RLDP accords with the 'tests of soundness' set out in the Development Plans Manual.

8.3 Following the Examination, the Inspector will issue a report recommending any necessary changes to the 2RLDP. The Inspector's report will be binding, and the Council must accept the changes and adopt the 2RLDP as amended. Once adopted, the 2RLDP will replace the existing Adopted LDP.

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